Spiritual Exploration

The Seer croppedSpirit is a power most noticeable when it is high or low. However, Spirit is always present and available as a source of information, inspiration, and solace. Spiritual exploration begins with the premise that no matter who we are or what issues are pressing upon us—we are whole. We both contain and have access to the primal energetic and pervasive force that creates and sustains the universe. That power is our rich legacy, an ever-ready resource —Spirit.

When life hurts, it may seem as if Spirit is dead. When things are wonderful, we might not know how to catalyze our high spirit into a sustaining inner strength. Spiritual exploration helps individuals and/or groups to access Spirit and utilize Spirit in the midst of the perceived highs and lows of life. Spiritual exploration helps us ask some of the difficult questions about God and the nature of reality and explore those answers within. Spiritual exploration also offers a safe place to explore and develop spiritual practices that become anchors even in agitated waters and swift winds.

Spiritual exploration is not psychotherapy. The companion’s calling does not directly involve the seeker’s psychological complexes. The companion supports the seeker’s reliance on the seeker’s spiritual beliefs to help navigate significant life passages. While therapists typically meet with individuals weekly, spiritual companions schedule their sessions every three or four weeks. However, the space between sessions is like a vessel where the seeker’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences are contained and catalyzed as valuable material for the upcoming session. A spiritual companion who is compatible with you, serves as ally, witness, and conspirator on your path.

Who Benefits from Spiritual Exploration?

  • Anyone going through a crisis or major life passage
  • Artists dealing with creative blocks, burnout, or career frustrations
  • Anyone who wants to develop a personal relationship with God or Spirit
  • Anyone who is questioning the meaning of life
  • Service providers in the areas of education, social work, family care, and the symbolic arts i.e. astrology and tarot

Possible Benefits from Spiritual Exploration

  • Developing or strengthening your spiritual practices
  • Creating and establishing personal rituals that zing with authenticity
  • Discernment: Recognizing the Voice of Spirit from the voice of ego
  • Creating a fulfilling prayer life
  • The affirmation that comes from sharing your story and spiritual journey
  • The transformation that comes about when we are heard.
  • Tools that promote self growth
  • Clarity about religious or spiritual ideals
  • Awakening to one’s life mission and purpose

Deborah Singletary is an ordained interfaith minister, astrologer, and spiritual consultant.


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