Why Astrology

astrology mandala4The astrological chart is a circle representing our wholeness and connection with everything in the universe. The process of acculturation fragments this wholeness. Acculturation is necessary to help us accommodate the needs of others, however if introduced too soon or unskillfully in childhood, we are broken by it.

In order to fit into our family and social milieu and to make a living, we might begin to disassociate vital aspects of ourselves. We lose some aspects by labeling them bad and denying them. However these energies don’t disappear—they crop up as complexes, uncontrolled acting out, unskillful behavior and problems that keep happening to us.

In some cases we lose ourselves because it’s dangerous to be different, smart, sexual, playful, insightful, or authoritative. We also lose ourselves through excessive admiration of people who are “greater” than we are, thereby avoiding the risk of being true to natural genius. We might live hunkered down in a barrel, try to rumba on a two by four, consume everything in a smorgasbord or try to write while white-water rafting.

An astrological consult reminds us of who we are, and when we hear it we get goose bumps, tear up, or smile in recognition and relief. Astrology encourages and supports us in owning our power and taking responsibility for tending the flame that is our life. Understanding our charts helps us to regard and utilize all life circumstances as treasure.

When Soul deems it’s time for us to deepen, grow, graduate or go through another life passage, astrology serves similarly to the signs held up to encourage the swift, differently-abled (or differently labeled) marathon runners—favored and underdog alike. The signs say this is what time it is! This way! Hang in there! It’s okay to stop! On to your destiny! Live the life you love!

Astrology offers inspiration, motivation, and hope for each child born and for every adult struggling to remember. Learning to read the chart is doable and accessible. Actually, we already know some important basics in our common familiarity with the elements of fire, earth, air, and water.

Following is a testimony by a friend about how astrology informed his life:

“I identified very much with the descriptions of the core Aquarian personality: independent, a free thinker, keenly sensitive to issues of justice and injustice, both on a personal level. A fixed air sign, I was most comfortable in the mode of abstract thought, often detached from the realm of feeling or practicality. As a Scorpio rising, my outward personality was intense, sometimes caustic and confrontational. My moon in Taurus helped explain why I had been so attracted to the earthiness of R. and several other Taurus women, and my entire study of astrology gave me some more explanations of my inner, emotional and spiritual structure.”


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