Art as Medicine

woman creating a word wand

When we make art, we engage the primal energetic force that created the cosmos and gave birth to the world. And when we come to the creative process with an intention, up comes a dialogue that provides information, inspiration, consolation, ideas, insights and answers. The dialogue might be expressed in words, but also in feelings, intuitions, coincidences, and dreams. Serendipity dances through our lives.

Vision Carriers’ Make Art Workshops are designed to facilitate self-exploration for the purpose of creating lives that zing with authenticity and vitality. Benefits include increased self-awareness, soulful fun, and a genuine work of art—your unique expression..

The artwork we create is more than a symbol of the answer to what needs addressing, healing, or clarifying in our lives. As Frithjof  Schuon writes in The Feathered Sun: Plains Indians in Art and Philosophy:

… at the origin the of the Divine Age [symbols] were in themselves fully adequate to transmit metaphysical truths.

My mission is to encourage adults to use art as a tool for enlightenment, empowerment, relaxation, and fun.

Making art not only transforms the materials at hand, it affects the body’s chemistry which then affects the physical body, and the whole life. Art is holy and powerful medicine.

Copyright © 2006 by Deborah Singletary


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