Blessed Be


illustration2The most difficult lesson for me on the Path revolves around the idea that being smart is not a saving grace. Talking the talk has had little effect on my ragged affairs. My saving grace is spiritual practice that helps me course correct when I catch myself engaging in adverse thinking and foul beliefs.

Following is a New Year’s ritual and practice that you might try anytime.

I bid farewell to the old year by giving it my blessings. Going farther back to my childhood and the past before my birth, I bless it all.

Bless it. Let bygones from your personal or ancestral history go. Avoid making judgements about good or bad. Everything has brought you to who you are today. Take deep breaths and speak blessings on a slow exhale.

Freedom illustrationTo invite the flowering of your full potential, slowly turn around and open your arms wide enough to feel a good stretch. Feel how your chest opens and your heart is exposed. Enjoy the power of being vulnerable.

Welcome the New Year with open arms. Announce to the Most High that you are open to receive blessings in myriad forms. For me, it would be inspiration, information, understanding, love, abundance, and fun.

Imagine your blessings are in the air above you. Gather the blessings and bring them to your to your chest. Embrace yourself and give thanks.

Embellish to suit yourself!


Saturn and Pluto*

On January 7, 2020 Saturn and Pluto will be in an exact conjunction. I do not entertain the dire predictions floating around. No matter what situations or conditions present themselves, I reach for calm and as soon as I can and choose peace. Choosing peace is a spiritual discipline that I practice with the little things so that I may build spiritual muscle for whatever presents, large or small. Whenever something comes upon me with such momentum I am overwhelmed and notice roiling emotions that I cannot settle , I place my right hand over my heart and my left hand on my belly and tell myself that I accept where I am right now and love myself anyway.

A friend told me his grandfather purchased a brownstone during the height of what is called The Great Depression (1929 – 1939). For that wise man, even that moment in time was Holy Ground. No matter what presents, I take a deep breath and exhale with the words Holy Ground. This too is Holy Ground.

Always only love,

If this spiritual practice seems too difficult for you, I invite you to get in touch with me. You and I will be the two or more gathered in the spirit of the Most High.
*Saturn (basic qualities) Contraction, persistence, caution, disciple, boundaries, organization

Pluto (basic qualities) Renewing, enlivening, breaking open, germinating, erupting, reorganization, provoking, transition

2020. You got this!


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